I Was a Hardcore Bike but Now I'm Just a Weekend Warrior

Back in the day I definitely wouldn't be caught dead in these fancy slacks. I was a motorcycle rider. I was the typical cycler with bandanas and the long hair. I didn't even have an automobile even though I lived in a colder climate. Of course, I couldn't live that way into old age. I have a family and a career wherein an unkempt beard would stick out like a, well like an unkempt beard.

Though I'm more content these days I still long for my rebellious youth. And mini-van won't fulfill my hunger for the road. To somewhat fulfill my hunger for the road, I've become the dreaded weekend warrior. In place of purchasing a Harley, I now am the proud semi-owner of a cool Harley.

There are a few advantages to just renting. The first one being, I save on expensive maintenance costs. Two, my wife doesn't nag me about spending too much time with my Harley. And lastly, I can drive a large variety of Harley Davidsons at a single store. They even have some awesome four wheelers I'd like to give a try...if my family lets me. Life is better with motorcycle dealers that finance Warrenton, VA.